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Jamie's Paint Boxes

Jamie's Paint Boxes paints on just about anything

that can be painted on from interior and exterior

walls, windows, clothes including t-shirts, sweat

shirts, jeans, aprons,  face painting, body art,

signs, etc...


Your imagination can be turned into a 


Jamie Revis~Artist

My Story...

My love of art starts back as far as I can remember.

My grandma made wedding cakes and other cakes, but I mostly remember her wedding cakes.  They were breath taking and her talent was inspiring.  She use to make little cakes and let us decorate them.  Making these cakes was not her only talent.  She was also expert in sewing, making clothes, dolls, blankets, you name it.  She was a talented woman as was a lot of people in my family.  It is my grandma's talent I remember the most in my family.  I don't remember how old I was, but I remember grandma taking me and my sister to a store that sold porcelain statues.  I don't even remember what statue I picked to paint.  What I remember was sitting at her kitchen table with paint and brush in hand.  I was painting my statue as carefully as I could and grandma stopped me and said...you see how you are holding that brush?  That's exactly how you should hold it!  She said keep your wrist still and move your      fingers.  That's what should do the work.  I had my wrist anchored down and was using my fingers.  What I didn't realize then, that ended up staying with me all the way to today, was that I was "steadying" my hand, something artist do.  The reason for that story, what I remember the most about that afternoon in grandma's kitchen, was that little art lesson that stayed with me.  Even today, whether I'm painting faces, clothes, murals, or whatever, I steady my hand.  That's what keeps the lines smooth and accurate.


I have always loved painting.  When I was a little girl I use to watch Bob Ross on Saturdays.  I loved how smooth his voice was, he made painting these beautiful pictures seem almost therapeutic.  And therapeutic it is!  When I am stressing out or feeling anxiety  about anything, give me a paintbrush, any paint (watercolor, oil, acrylic) and any medium (canvass, watercolor sheets, a wall, a window, a face) and I am relaxed.  Even when I spend 2-3 hours strait painting faces at a party, I am relaxed.  I love it.  Some people worry that it exhausts me but it is actually opposite.  I love painting.  When I finish a 2-3 hour party, any one who knows me, knows that I walk away from that party wanting to paint something else.  I love it.  I look at a face, neck, arm, and even head in some cases, as a blank canvass.  I love to be challenged!  I was challenged to start painting eyelids (Credit given to Mark Garrett for that)  so it can look like you are being looked at when your eyes or closed.  Sometimes the eye is even camouflaged.  I LOVE IT! 


When I was a little girl, my parents really supported me and art.  They let me go to Micheal's and buy art supplies.  I have no idea how many sketch books I went through growing up but thanks to my parents, who didn't have it easy financially growing up,  they still managed to get me art supplies.  Even let me paint on the walls in my room.  To this day, there is a picture framed in my parents house of my first real painting,  It was in middle school with tempera paint and it was a challenge in art class, to paint a water scene and try to capture the reflection of whatever we chose in the water.  I surprised myself then, but my parents support of my art made me feel special and an artist, even as a child.  My mom still has much of my art framed that she switches out in her office.  Makes me feel special even today.  And she will not part with that art.  Not even to give it to me.


Someone who was special to me was one of my inspirations, Gina Watts, a local artist, who also use to spend time with me.  I loved going to her house and doing art or just sitting in her house and talking.  Her house was always exactly the way I wanted mine.  Painted from floor to ceiling, gorgeous murals.  What ever came to her mind, she could put it down in some kind of art.  She is awesome and real inspiration, even today.  Her business is Gina's Art Works and I am happy that she is teaching my own kid's art today with her classes.


When I was in elementary school, my art teacher, Mr. Berry, always spent extra time with me and always told me that I was an artist.  He even let me help him in the art room after school.  My mom worked there and it was nice to go to the art room and hang out with my art teacher after school.  My art teacher in middle school, Ms. Mosely, who was awesome, always gave me encouragement and spent extra time with me.  I will always remember her pointing to things in my art that I could improve in.  I remember her hands always had paint, chalk, charcoal, clay dust, or some other medium on it, and her breath always smelled of cigarettes and coffee.  (I know that seems gross but whenever I smell that mix I think of her and how nice she was, and as an artist, how much she seemed dedicated to her job as an art teacher)  In high school, it was Ms. Valentino.  She was not a "tough" teacher but worked in a tough school.  She had to deal with a lot of students that took art to make an easy "A."  I always felt bad for her when she would get fussed out, by those who just wanted an easy "A" for assigning homework and reading assignments in art history.  Those assignments helped me.  I love expressionism and some of my favorite artists are Van Gogh, Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Matisse, all of whom I learned about in Ms. Valentino's art class.  That was my first year in art.  I am so grateful that the following years of high school she bumped me up to honors art and invited me to join the art club.  She told me she thought I over did it with glitter, a lot.  She was right....and I still do!!  :))  She also helped me to pay attention to details in sketching people.  I still take those techniques with me today.


In High school, I use to charge other students to draw a temporary tattoos and on Pep Rally Days or Big Game Days, I remember sitting in the stair way and charging to paint people's faces.  It was my little "side" job.  That was when I started learning what paint looked best on skin and even with the temporary tattoo's, the pens never worked that well.  I bought plenty of them.  Some people are skeptical but the thin permanent markers go on the best and they even last a few days.  


After high school, I thought I wanted to get into graphic design but computers and me don't quite get a long.  I realized it was real painting and art that I loved...not computer art.  I took a few Bob Ross classes and learned his techniques.  It actually does help to make those little soft swishes and different noises when you paint.  His classes really helped.   And the same way watching him was therapeutic, so was taking his class.


What makes me different?  I like to be unique and individual.  I try my best to get whatever vision is in your head and make it real on paper.  I can look at anything and sketch it but my real challenge comes from a good description in your head, put together on paper and then transferred to whatever medium you wish.  From face painting to watercolor to acrylic on canvass or sheet rock, wood, glass, or even stone.


I welcome you to my site and enjoying my online gallery of art that I have done.  They are just samples.  I have more if you are ever interested.  I hope you enjoy my work.  Feel free to leave a testimonial if I have ever done work for you before or a comment on my blog.  I love suggestions and feel free to critic my work.  I hope to do art for you one day.  Enjoy...