Jamie's Paint Boxes

Summer Specials!!

...Special MURAL prices.  Call me or e-mail me for details.

 Starting in June:

Mica and Glitter Tattoo's

as well as

3D Tattoo's

I will also be introducing Liquid Bling

to Face Painting and Body Art

(call for special pricing on Tattoo's)




About products used...

I mostly use all acrylic-type paints.   For murals it is best to paint on already primed and painted, WATER based paint.  For some interior murals I have used water colors.  I  use fabric paints and pens for my paintings on clothes. 

All paintings on clothes are permanent but should be washed while turned inside out just to cut down on the normal wear and tear and make the design last longer..

For face painting, I use Amerikan Body Art Retail Face Painting Supplies which are FDA approved and safe on skin.  I use Mica Powders, cosmetic glitter, Liquid Bling, Body Glue, and oil based face paint.  I also use acrylic paint and different shades of eye shadows, powder and cream, all cosmetic.


Murals (Interior and Exterior)

Depends on the size and detail of art wanted.

Interior requires less.  Exterior requires extra steps taken for

weather protection of finished product.

Art Designs on Clothing Items


Without pocket...

$20 + price of apron*

With pocket...

$25 + price of apron*



 $30 + price of jeans/pants*



 $20 + price of shirt*


 $25 + price of shirt*


~If you would like something painted that is not listed here, just contact me at 919-885-8580 for a price.  


*Prices vary on item costs.  If you have a favorite shirt, sweat shirt, jeans, etc or want to buy your own, it's just the cost of painting.

Face Painting, Tattoo's, and Body Art

2 hour Party  $100 for Face Painting

If you would like to add more to your private party or event...

the price goes up depending on how long and how many people...I offer you the best deals to save for your party budget!! 



**Special Packages for Boy or Girl Parties**